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Press Release Superfine! the FAIR Miami

Musee Magazine Issue #2, The Fear Issue  (March 2012)

feature: "Fear of Dogs" page 47

feature: "Fear of Dogs" page 83


Rangefinder Magazine, Pics of the Year Issue (December 2013)

feature: "Gainers and Losers”, Table of Contents Full Background, page 6

feature: “Gainers and Losers”, page 68


Lenscratch, Backyard Exhibition (June 2013)

feature: "Discovery" 


Lenscratch, Family Exhibition, Part 3 (November 2013)) 

feature: “Lucas's New Tooth” 


Lenscratch, Summer Fun Exhibition (June 2014)

feature: "Bain de Soleil" 


Lenscratch, Bathing Suits and Sunburns Exhibition (August 2015)

feature: "Admirer"


Culture HeARTs.com, (August 2014)

feature: Interview with Danielle Payton, Co-Founder and Editor, Culture HeARTs.com, “The Photographer’s View"


Exposure Award, Still Life Collection, See. Me Digital Display, Musee Le Louvre, Paris, France (July 2015)

feature: "Hope"


Scope Art Miami (December 2015)

feature: "Girl on Beach"



Contest Finalist (winner)

Member Selection Award (winner)

Staff Winter Selection (winner)




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